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About Us

FlowQ: Why?


While searching for a name for ourselves, we were greatly influenced by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's concept of "flow." 

From the early 1900s, the most prominent concept in industry and psychological research was intelligence or IQ. 

However, starting from the 1970s, the measurement of competencies, including concepts like emotional intelligence, gained significance. The combination of IQ and EQ signaled the beginning of a period where understanding and assessing human behavior became more valid and reliable. 

Following this period, the positive psychology movement started to focus on individuals' strengths and examined the state of well-being. During this process, the concept of "flow" gained significant prominence. 

Flow is defined as an experience that occurs when a person's skills align with the task at hand, making them feel happy, productive and meaningful. After the eras of the IQ and EQ paradigms, we believed that a new era had begun for both individuals and organizations, and we decided to name ourselves "FlowQ," signifying "Flow Intelligence," aiming to be pioneers in this new era.


Our Journey


Vision, Mission, Principles

Our Vision

Increasing flow experience and predictive success fo people and organizations.

Our Mission

To empower talents wiht self-awareness, career development acvitities, and insights, while supporting companies with Al-based employee/candidate fit scores, leading to decreased recruitment time and bias-free neuropsychology ready results.

Guding Principles

Be Scientific First. Increase Flow. Stay Away From Bad Money & Bad Experience. Go Two Steps Ahead.

Our Team

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