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Integrated Talent Management


Understand Your Corporate DNA with FlowQ

At FlowQ, we work with the most current corporate behavior models. Rather than creating traditional competency and value sets, we identify corporate principles inspired by leading companies such as Apple and Amazon, based on the collective subconscious elements within the organization. These principles are distilled from various behavioral indicators, including values, competencies, skills, and ways of doing business, and have become the holistic framework of the organization's modus operandi (DNA).


The established corporate principles play a role as a source of inspiration and motivation for all employees, becoming the driving force behind the success of the organization.

Position Criticality and Succession

Identifying critical positions is, determining roles that would have a significant impact on the company's standard operational capacity if not filled.


In Position Criticality projects, we analyze which roles in your company ensure the sustainability of success, the key attributes underlying job success, and whether company's critical positions are filled with the correct talent codes by comparing them with over 1500 positions in our database.


Potential Index

We unlock potential by comparing your talents with over 8,000 individuals in our database using the FlowQ Talent application and the FlowQ Manager Potential Index. We integrate this data with performance metrics to place them on a talent matrix.


By aligning these codes with position criticality, we deliver a strategic and sustainable talent management framework to the organization.

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