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FlowQ's Unique Applicant Tracking System

Integrate Your Entire Recruitment Process with FlowQ Automator

Design modular and automated recruitment workflows.

To make your recruitment processes more effective, design rules and automate candidate routing. Enrich the experience with automated survey submissions and schedule workplace assessment surveys for new hires.


Manage Recruitment Requests

Review your open positions and requests, instantly review average targets and position closure times, and report on them.


Keep track of the annual recruitment numbers and turnover rates of recruitment experts.

Schedule Interviews

Using FlowQ Automator, set up an interview schedule. Inform participants (managers and candidates) through the platform.


Determine the interview outcome and provide access to forms at the interview stage.


Generate Reports Quickly

Monitor your team's and your own performance in real-time with dashboards and in-system reporting. Efficiently manage your recruitment processes and take quick action.


Review positive/negative candidate analyses, offer rejections, and recruitment data through bulk reports. Examine position and request-specific reports.


Evaluate the current situation for your future recruitment decisions.

Create a Difference in
Candidate Experience

Facilitate Candidate Communication

Stay engaged with your candidates regarding the recruitment processes with FlowQ. Sponsor them for FlowQ App or invite them to participate in assessments.


Additionally, keep in touch with your candidates through custom email and SMS content tailored to your company.


Stay in Touch with
Your Candidates

Shape all your recruitment processes according to your needs, from creating a candidate pool to reaching the right candidate, easily.


Build a Candidate Pool

Don't just fill vacant positions. Create your CV and external candidate talent pool in FlowQ and quickly reach the most suitable candidates for your positions with smart filtering.

Have the Entire Candidate History at Your Fingertips

With FlowQ Automator, easily access the past processes of the candidates you have added to the system.


View comments and assessment results, and share this information with managers.


Complete your applications with AI-driven checks

FlowQ Automator enables you to make your candidate applications more reliable with artificial intelligence support. The AI-powered audit feature, which includes photo and video reviews, not only captures photos but also takes control of assessments.


Additionally, during evaluations, we easily detect candidate page transitions and suspicious behaviors.


Pre/On-Boarding and Dynamic Approval Management

With FlowQ Automator, dynamically create approval workflows tailored to your needs, design approval flows for processes such as position request approval or candidate compensation.


Assign approvers for each approval step and automatically complete your processes after the flow is completed. Configure the pre-boarding and on-boarding processes of recruitment with the approvals received.


Add assessments to stages

FlowQ Automator works in full integration with FlowQ's rich assessment content.


This allows you to add completely customizable tests and inventories to your recruitment stages.


You can either direct assessments in bulk or step-by-step based on rule sets.



In addition to FlowQ's rich content, direct interactive pre-screening questions to candidates.


Structure their responses as videos, multiple-choice, or prioritization, and evaluate video results through the system.


Data Fields

Add custom questions for candidates in your recruitment processes, create custom data fields on a position and candidate basis.


Access these data fields through reports for deeper analysis.


Implement Your Organization's Custom Tests

With FlowQ Automator, apply organization/position-specific knowledge and skills tests and question banks to your internal/external talents with artificial intelligence support.

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