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FlowQ Instases

A Brand New Experience: Instases

Instases allows you to measure the most critical institutional parameters for the organization and the employees, such as loyalty, climate, competence, and skills, and obtain instant results and detailed reports.

Facilitate easy feedback exchange among your employees to strengthen the feedback culture in your organization. Quickly gather opinions from participants about meetings and training sessions in your organization and use this data in your decision-making process.


The Pioneering Role of Instant Feedback

Prepare to elevate employee awareness through instant feedback exchanges with both colleagues and managers. Acquire valuable data to drive their development agenda.

Evaluate, Guide,Achieve Success

360 Degree Feedback aims to identify the strengths and development areas of employees evaluated by various stakeholders based on a competency model.


This feedback method not only defines individuals' strengths and areas for improvement but also enhances organizational effectiveness by fostering a robust feedback culture within the organization. 


See Through the Eyes of Employees

The Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Measure assesses fundamental outputs such as commitment, motivation, recommendation, and dedication among your employees. It helps managers to identify key performance variables which need to be carefully monitored.


The Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Measure provides valuable insights for understanding your current corporate climate and enhancing your leadership experience.

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