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FlowQ structure the assessment center approach by prioritizing the needs and expectations of our business partners. We design our applications with a design thinking approach tailored to each organization. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive approach that includes assessments based on potential, behavioral tendencies, and competencies. Our consultants involved in assessment center projects are professionals with psychology degrees or coaching certifications.


FlowQ Assessment Center

Assessment centers are typically used to assess the suitability of candidates for positions in the recruitment process, determine the promotion potential of current employees, and identify strengths and development areas related to competencies.


FlowQ Assessment Center processes have involved over 8,000 participants from various cultures, sectors, and professional groups. Participants are observed through multiple activities and tools.


The tools are selected based on the competencies required for the position from FlowQ's extensive case library. After all applications, a detailed report is prepared for each participant, including simulation observations and psychometric measurement results. After the report is prepared, one-on-one feedback sessions are organized.

FlowQ Development Center

Development center applications are only for current employees and are used to objectively assess their competencies/leadership skills and performance, determine promotion potential, and identify strengths and development areas related to competencies.


The content of the reports provides insights into candidates' behavioral tendencies, mental potentials, and competencies. Through the application results, candidates gain awareness of what they need for their career development.


Consultants evaluate participants' strengths and development areas through various activities selected based on the competencies required for the position from FlowQ's extensive case library, observing their behaviors from various perspectives.


FlowQ Learning


FlowQ Learning Center is a condensed version of a long-term learning journey that encompasses both development centers and microlearning topics.


Especially as talents and managers embark on a long-term development journey within the organization, while passing through the vakars beyond the development center, they learn from FlowQ Development Coaches through instant feedback and facilitation sessions, while also analyzing competencies/skills and tendencies.


In addition to individual reports, a "group dynamics analysis" report is prepared to design the subsequent learning journey as a need-based tailored approach for the group, focusing on strengths and development areas.

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